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Ft. Irwin Latrines

US Army Base
Ft. Irwin, California

The scope of this project included construction of a single-structure latrine with 15 water closets and 16 lavatories. Extensive sub-grade fill and compaction for ADA compliance, grading, site utilities, concrete foundation and walkways, CMU block walls, doors and windows, plumbing and electrical, sheetrock floor to between trusses, roofing, exterior texture of CMU walls, paint and epoxy floor coating.

Z Squared adapted to the lack of concrete products and planned labor work schedules due to the COVID virus' impacts on product, shipping and staffing. The overall schedule was maintained by institution of 4/10s with minimal overtime, and final sign-off occured within the contracted timeframe.


Self-Perform: 41%

Start date: 5/14/2020

Completion: 12/31/2020
Project Value: $832,332 

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