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DOJ Bldg. 75 Access Barrier Removal

Sacramento, California

The scope of this project included: access barrier removal on the building’s interior and exterior, demolition, restrooms, elevators, planter railings, drinking fountains, guard booth/counters, entrance mats, ADA parking and accessible path of travel in parking lot areas, loading dock and miscellaneous asphalt/concrete paving and resurfacing.

Over the course of this project, design-build became the preeminent solution to unexpected site conditions. Inaccurate geotechnical reports had water levels at -10 ft., when in actuality the water table was at 1 foot below surface. This imposed major delays, redesign coordination of interior and exterior renovations, demolition and construction while phasing between inclement weather conditions.


Interaction and planning between the Z Squared Project Manager and the Client’s Project Director, Architect and Construction Manager kept production underway. 

Detailed planning, and early submittals allowed for the advanced purchase of required materials onsite. This preplanning paid off as the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted the availability of materials. Labor was affected as well since COVID exposures necessitated adaptation to changing labor needs.


Self-Perform: 79%

Start date: 12/11/2019

Completion: 2/1/2021
Project Value: $3,723,797

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